In a galaxy far far away, ancient craftsman harnessed the power of intergalactic energy crystals to forge amazing 3D lights for your enjoyment. Check out the Limited Edition Rogue One Collection now! 

The Superhero Collection

With Avengers on the horizon and the Justice League keeping watch around the corner, never has it been a more exciting time for super hero fans. Showcase your favorite with a 3D lamp as spectacular as the super heroes they represent. 


Tangled - The Modern Collection
  • Award-Winning Design

    Our unique 3D designs will leave you and everyone around you in absolute awe.

  • Precision Machined

    Each of our lights are carefully hand-cut and precision machined to the finest detail. 

  • 50,000 hours

    Our specially designed ultrabright LED lights will last upwards of 50,000+ hours.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We are so confident that you will absolutely love your MegaLamp that we are willing to back it up 100% 

The MODERN Collection

These 3D sculptures represent the latest evolution in light and structure design. Crafted by such legendary artists as Claudio & Banksy these structures are not just filled with light but also with passion and creativity.

The CLASSIC Collection

Employ up to three alternating features with an option to use an image or video and include a call to action button.